Cherrybelle Magical Diaries

GarudaPoint and Cherrybelle present you with an awesome new puzzle game - Cherrybelle Magical Diaries! Evil Monsters have invaded the Chibi's village! Join the Indonesian Famous girl band Cherrybelle and their cute pets in eliminating the puzzle spheres and beating the Evil Monsters!

Platform (iOS, Android, PC) :   iOS, Android
Genre :   Puzzle, Action
Publish Date :   2015-03-16
Publisher Name :   Altermyth
OS:   iOS 6 and up, Android 2.3 and up
Processor:   Dualcore and up
Memory:   512mb
Graphics:   -
Disk Space:   32mb
Others :   -


Cherrybelle Magical Diaries or in short: Chibimari is a simple but addictive puzzle game. All you have to do is join the the magical spheres! Upgrade your attributes by buying clothes to get higher scores. You can also capture pets by converting evil monsters and work together with them! If you're looking for something innovative, simple and addictive, then Cherrybelle Magical Diary is the perfect game for you! Let's go Chibi!

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How to play

Draw lines to join 3 or more adjoining Magical spheres of the same color. The Spheres will explode, firing energy particle at to the Cherrybelle to give them power to attack! Get New Clothes and Pets to improve their Attack strength and your Score! Call for the adorable Cute Pets- they can help you tackle the Evil Monsters! Take your very own Pets with you, and aim for a high Best Score!


  • Cherrybelle Original Personnel
  • Cherrybelle Original Voices
  • Cherrybelle Dress Up
  • Lining Match 3
  • Fight Evil Monsters and Collect as much Cute Pets as possible!